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Replacing Missing Teeth at Sunningdale Dental Practice

Innovative and effective tooth restoration and replacements

Sunningdale Dental Practice offer various tooth restoration options for patients who have lost one, or several of their teeth. Missing teeth can cause many specific dental problems, as well as issues with speech and eating. Tooth loss may even affect the structure of the face, leading to a premature ageing effect.

Our tooth restoration options help to restore the full functionality of your mouth and create a great smile too! The main options for replacing missing teeth are dentures, bridges and dental implants of various forms.

What is a denture?

Dentures can be used to replace some or all missing teeth. A full denture is used to replace a complete arch of lost teeth whereas a partial denture replaces one or more missing teeth and is supported by the adjacent natural teeth and other structures in the mouth. Dentures for individual gaps are precision-made so that they fit in with the surrounding teeth, and your bite, very effectively.

A denture is a removable option, which means you can take the denture out and then place it back in your mouth.

Why should I consider wearing a denture?

Often patients believe that leaving a gap in their teeth is fine, however, just a single tooth gap can cause all kinds of dental issues such has adjacent and opposing teeth moving out of position effecting function and /or aesthetics and so we would recommend replacing any missing teeth accordingly.

What are dentures made of?

Modern dentures are available in a variety of materials and budgets depending on your specific needs and are much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than traditional versions. Typical materials are metal and acrylic (plastic).

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are an innovative and modern treatment used to replace teeth on a long term basis and we are proud and excited to offer this kind of cutting edge treatment in our clinic.

Implants are made from titanium and they work to integrate with the jawbone and replace the missing tooth root. This provides a secure base for a single crown or a complete arch of teeth. A thorough consultation is required to assess your suitability for this innovative treatment.

Dental implants are a fixed option, which means it is not removed from your mouth and so in essence acts like a natural tooth. It is also the option which means that it doesn’t need to involve treating any of the adjacent teeth and only treating the gap in question. This makes the dental implant easier to clean and maintain compared to other fixed options like dental bridges.

Please see our dedicated implants web page for more details.

What are dental bridges?

Sunningdale Dental Practice offer both conventional and adhesive dental bridges as a part of the comprehensive range of treatments we provide.

The conventional dental bridge will usually use crowns on the supporting teeth either side of the gap, with a supporting bridge in the middle.

An adhesive bridge differs in that it is held in place using a metal wing on the inside part of the adjacent tooth which sits on the side of the artificial tooth and attached using dental grade adhesive.

Both types of bridges are fixed options which means it is not removed from your mouth. However, unlike dental implants, bridges involve using the adjacent teeth to hold the bridge in position.

How do I decide which teeth replacement option is best for me?

If you are embarrassed by gaps in your teeth or are fed up with uncomfortable dentures, now is the time to act. To get professional help for your tooth loss problem, simply call our team on 01344620526 and we’ll be very pleased to book you in for a consultation. Your journey to a fully functional mouth and beautiful smile could be starting very soon!

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