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A complete range of high quality professional dental services local to you.

At Sunningdale Dental Practice you can expect a wide range of dental treatments designed to help you gain and maintain excellent oral health. Our friendly and professional team, all based in our modern surgery, along with a full range of innovative dental treatments, provide everything that you need to have the bright, healthy smile you deserve.

From supporting pregnant ladies with individual dental needs, to checking over a baby's very first tooth, and helping older patients with tooth replacement, we are proud to support the whole family with their dental care.

What are dental check-ups?

We ask that patients visit us as often as is recommended by their dentist, which is usually every six months. At Sunningdale we provide thorough check-ups which include complete checks of gums, teeth and soft tissues in and around the mouth. The dentist will also check in with any general health issues you may want to discuss that could be affecting your oral health. We may also perform diagnostics like X-rays if necessary. Your check-up is also the perfect opportunity to discuss any smile improvements you are interested in, or any smile concerns that you have at the moment.

What is a filling?

Fillings are used when a tooth has decayed or has broken and requires stabilisation and strengthening. We use a variety of materials including dental amalgam (silver filling) and cosmetic white fillings are available for those more conscious of their smile.

What is a Composite filling?

Here at Sunningdale Dental Practice we use modern adhesive technology to bond in white cosmetic fillings to restore the function and the natural look of decayed or broken down teeth.

A composite filling is a white cosmetic filling which adhesively sticks to the natural tooth structure. This means the natural healthy part of the tooth does not have to be cut away to hold the filling in place. This makes composites a more conservative and healthy option for restoring teeth compared to alternative filling options like amalgam. The composite filling helps to restore the integrity and shape of the tooth making it blend in naturally to the rest of the tooth.

When might I need a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a treatment sometimes necessary if a tooth has degraded and decayed to a point where it cannot be saved. This is a last resort for dentists and isn't something we would recommend unless there were no other options. In the event of a tooth extraction we have a wide range of restorative treatments to help you restore you smile back to full health and function.

Why we also screen for mouth cancer

We are trained to notice any unusual signs and symptoms in the mouth that could indicate cancer. The earlier any cancer is detected, the better the chance of successful treatment. We will check your mouth for signs of mouth cancer every time you have a check-up with us.

Do you provide custom-fit mouth guards?

Custom mouth guards are the most effective way to help protect the teeth and gums against injury during sports and we offer a professional custom mouth guard service here at Sunningdale.

Another type of custom mouth guard we offer is designed to help prevent teeth grinding caused by clenching whilst you sleep. If you have any signs and symptoms of teeth grinding/ tooth wear or suspect it is an issue, we can create a custom mouth guard that helps to prevent ongoing damage.

How do I join Sunningdale Dental Practice?

If you are looking for comprehensive, experienced and affordable dental services for you and your family, please give the team at Sunningdale Dental Practice a call on 01344 620526. We offer a wide range of treatments designed to help all our patients maintain beautiful, healthy smiles!

Caring Dentistry in Sunningdale

At Sunningdale Dental Practice we take pride in providing you with high quality dental care in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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