Sunningdale Dental Practice

Practice Events & Charity Work

At Sunningdale Dental practice we like to help the needy and those who are less fortunate and we like to give back to the local community. 

Celebrating 10 years of Sunningdale Dental Practice and Team Building

We have been celebrating 10 years of Sunnigdale Dental Practice and have participated in a great team building event.

Charity work abroad

Over the last several years Dr Panesar and the team from Sunningdale dental practice have organised multiple free dental camps for those who have no or limited access to medical and dental care abroad. These areas are remote and underdeveloped and have included travelling to Africa and South East Asia to help those in need. 

As well as providing dental care the team have visited school for blind children and orphanages and provided them with food supplies/rations and also footwear, as many of the children are roaming the streets in their bare feet.

Just by spending time with the orphans, talking with them and playing games like football with them made them smile! 

The team have also helped locate a site for a water pump to provide fresh, clean water in an arid, dry area in Kenya to help those who have no access to clean water.

Caring Dentistry in Sunningdale

At Sunningdale Dental Practice we take pride in providing you with high quality dental care in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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