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Professional smile rejuvenation on your doorstep!

Why should I consider cosmetic dentistry?

Sunningdale Dental Practice offers a complete range of cosmetic dentistry; from single focus treatments like teeth whitening, to combination treatments for a complete smile makeover.

It’s never a good to feel insecure, self-conscious or even embarrassed about your smile; so if this sounds like something you’ve experienced, now is the time to make a change for the better. Our latest treatments, combined with the skill and professionalism of our team, can help you achieve the youthful smile you’ve always wanted, along with the confidence that comes with brighter, straighter and whiter teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can be truly transformative and here at Sunningdale Dental Practice we are proud to provide patients with the smile they have always dreamed about.

What is teeth whitening?

Sunningdale Dental Practice offers the latest whitening techniques for patients who are worried about discoloured or stained teeth. Teeth can lose their natural whiteness due to lifestyle habits like smoking or excessive drinking and also the food we eat. Other factors can also vary the shade of our teeth.

Fortunately you no longer have to put up with discoloured teeth affecting your confidence. Our modern, safe treatments will lift their appearance by several shades and give your teeth a fresher look without the need for the use of local anaesthetic and no cutting or drilling of teeth is required.

Teeth whitening is the most accessible way to a fast and safe, white smile, so why not book in today by calling us on 01344620526.

What are veneers?

Veneers are a transformative treatment which can completely change the appearance of a smile, worthy of any ‘A list’ celebrity! Many patients can't believe the results they achieve with veneers and the new-found confidence their new smile delivers.

Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain or composite that are placed on a prepared tooth and secured using strong, dental grade adhesive. They are created based on your specific needs and expectations, and based on the specifications of your dentist. Veneers are extremely versatile and can transform teeth that are stained, chipped, gappy, misaligned and more.

Full Smile Make overs.

Sometimes it is not only the colour of the teeth that may be bothering you, but it could be other aspects of your teeth such as the shape, crookedness and crowding or gaps in the teeth. With all these aspects we at Sunningdale Dental Practice can make a comprehensive plan to give you a full smile makeover to help to improve your smile to what you would like. This may involve a combination of some or most of the following treatments including teeth straightening, teeth whitening, adhesive white fillings, and if required veneers and crowns.

Why do I need a consultation before treatment?

To undergo a cosmetic dentistry transformation we first require you to attend a thorough consultation with our clinical team. This is so that we can assess your oral health needs, your expectations and your dental history. We will also perform diagnostics like digital X- rays, take photos, do a digital scan of your current teeth and other special tests, so that we can assess and make a comprehensive detailed plan for you.

Sometimes certain treatments won't be suitable for a patient, in which case we can offer an alternative. We may also have to complete some oral hygiene work or other restorative dentistry in preparation, to ensure that the cosmetic treatment works well and lasts for a long time. In all instances we will provide a transparent treatment plan and price information for you before any treatments are agreed.

How do I start my journey to a great new smile with Sunningdale Dental Practice?

Are you struggling with a poor smile that’s holding you back socially or perhaps at work? If so, why not call us here at Sunningdale Dental Practice to arrange a consultation with one of our highly skilled cosmetic dentists? We’ll be pleased to set you on your way to the beautiful new smile you want and deserve! You can reach our friendly and helpful team on 01344 620526.

Caring Dentistry in Sunningdale

At Sunningdale Dental Practice we take pride in providing you with high quality dental care in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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